Ruinart Rosé CHF 75,00 Ruinart
Ruinart Rosé CHF 75,00 Ruinart
Ruinart Rosé CHF 75,00 Ruinart
Ruinart Rosé CHF 75,00 Ruinart

Ruinart Rosé 150 cl

This rosé champagne has all the hallmarks of the classic Ruinart taste, with its unique chardonnay-led freshness complementing the indulgent fruitiness of the pinot noir. Archives revealed that Ruinart shipped the first rosé champagne over 250 years ago. The exuberant red-fruit flavours make this rosé champagne one of the finest, even now.


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The first established champagne House. Founded in 1729. Chardonnay is the golden thread of the Ruinart Taste and aromatic freshness of the wines. Les Crayères: ageing of the wines in chalk cellars offering the triple benefit of: - a constantly stable temperature, - the complete absence of vibration and a perfect humidity level, - providing ideal conditions for the fermentation and maturation of the Ruinart wines. Blanc de Blancs: flagship of the Maison. Symbol of timeless and elegance. 

45% Chardonnay, 55% Pinot noir

With its very recognisable bottle from the 18th Century, Ruinart Rosé takes on a charming springtime colour of delicate pomegranate rosé with very light orange reflections. The sparkling, light effervescence has a persistent ring of beads. 

The first olfactory notes allow the smooth aromas of freshly gathered red fruit (cherry, raspberry and wild strawberry) to develop, adorned with soft floral and exuberant tropical fruit fragrances (rose, pomegranate, lychee and guava) and sharpened by several spicy notes (tonka bean and nutmeg). The blending technique with a short maceration and a light extraction of grapes made into red wine preserves the aromas and offers a silky, voluptuous palate, with little tannin thus making it very light. The wine shows itself to be silky, delicately plump with a frank, full attack, soothed by gentle effervescence. The aromas of recently picked red fruit are fully expressed. The balance combines the generous roundness with charming freshness.

Ruinart Rosé is an ideal vintage wine, which is a delight to drink throughout a meal from aperitif to dessert. It will be enhanced by thin slices of fine Italian prosciutto (San Daniele, Parma, etc.). A starter of mi-cuit salmon, or salmon prepared as a Japanese “tataki”, will reveal its many facets. For a main course, it will be an admirable accompaniment for a leg of milk-fed lamb or a low temperature cooked veal fillet. At the end of the meal it will find its full expression with a berry soup enhanced with an excellent Modena balsamic vinegar.


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