In our role as a distributor, we have made strong choices on sustainability :

- Packaging in raw, foldable cardboard, with one-colour printing in neutral ink

- Paper gift bags

carton brut avec impression mono-couleur à encre neutre
Emballage avec sac cadeau en papier

- Recyclable paper tape

scotch en papier recyclé

- Inflatable cushioning made of potato starch

coussins en fécule de pomme de terre
Emballage complet avec carton brut

- Delivery by SWISSPOST (With or without our parcel, the SWISSPOST postman passes every working day of the year at every address in the country)

Colis livré à la maison via la poste suisse

We try to favour sustainable solutions while keeping beautiful packaging for your gifts.

Also, our own suppliers, the various Champagne Houses are also committed to the environment:

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